How we handle information and other GDPR stuff

All you need to know about your data

This document sums up how we handle your information, by service.

Deleting your information

Deleting requires different strategies depending on the type of information:

  • invoices, accounting, offers and their backups; you need to write us requesting deletion if you wish;
  • your login and activity on our website: you can delete your profile, the function is at the bottom of your profile page;
  • the data on the servers will be deleted within a month of expiration, and after we request confirmation that you no longer need it; after the backup rotation time it will be permanently wiped off our servers.

Physical servers (where we store data)

  • Webserver 1,4: Arezzo, Italy, datacenter Aruba (IT)
  • Webserver 8, 9, 2, s11: datacenter OVH Roubaix (FR)
  • Webserver 3, cloud1, cloud2: datacenter OVH Limburg (DE)
  • Docker nginx reverse proxy/nginx/apache/node, customer acceptance: datacenter OVH Limburg (DE)
  • Docker infrastructure, nginx rev + node: datacenter OVH Roubaix (FR)
  • Primary backup: dedicated server, datacenter OVH Gravelines (FR)
  • Secondary backup: in-house servers Belluno and Rome, (IT)
  • Additional backup levels: each server backs up databases locally; partial copies of sites are also stored on our test and staging servers.
  • Zabbix monitoring is installed both on Webserver 2 and 3
  • Spiderpanel is on the production Docker

Website login

If you create a login on our website, your email and settings will be stored on our web server, and its backups. If you delete your account, your personal information will be anonymised.

Our website follows the backup plan of the hosting below.

Your hosting service

If you purchased web hosting, it will be delivered by web servers 2,5,6,s1-s11; backups are run on 2 separate servers daily incremental + monthly full with a retention of 2 and 3 months.

If you purchased cloud, it will be delivered by cloud servers 1-2, c1-c4; backups are run on 2 separate servers daily incremental + monthly full with a retention of 3 months.

Offers, manuals, invoices, communication

If you interact with us, copies of your personal information will be stored - depending on how you contact us - in our private email folders, phones, private computers, and/or on our ERP/CRM


This site uses cookies to store some information, you can safely refuse them if you only plan to browse the website. Be aware though that whilst the registration does not require cookies to be enabled, the login form will set cookies, and if you choose "remember me" on the login page, a cookie will be stored for the page so we can authenticate you as you browse. The cookie information is only stored locally on your computer.  Other than that you can consider cookies to be optional. We DO NOT use Google Analytics nor other external services (just matomo on premise).  If you have issues or questions with this policy feel free to contact us from our cookieless contact form (link at the bottom of the page).